Bad Ice Cream 3

As a player in Bad Ice Cream 3, you control a strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla-flavored frozen treat that tries to eat vegetables at every turn.

To pick fruit, players must dodge obstacles like opponents and traps in this game. To further complicate matters, you have to break through ice blocks to accomplish their goals. Tidy up the ice cream and keep an eye out for the adversaries concealed in the ice cubes. It's crucial to gather every fruit piece you come across.

How to play Bad Ice Cream 3

The game's goal is straightforward: you have to collect every fruit that is strewn throughout each level while dodging obstacles and monsters.


  • Player 1: To move, press WASD. To throw ice cubes, press Q.
  • Player 2: To move, press the Arrow keys. To toss ice cubes, press Space
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