Watermelon Game

Get lost in the adorable fruit world of Watermelon Game and test your amazing tactical abilities. This fun merge game will make your relaxing hours never boring. Every round presents a fresh mystery for you to unravel.

Gameplay of Watermelon Game

An image of colorful and vibrant fruits appears before your eyes, promising a stimulating adventure. But where is the starting point? The task is to find a way to match similar fruits together, but this is not an easy task. Each fruit has a suitable place to fall, and your task is to find that place. When two balls of the same type touch each other, they will combine into a larger fruit, increasing your score.

However, don't let the task's simplicity deceive you. Each time you pair fruits, they take up a larger space in the box, reducing free space and creating a new challenge. You have to think a step further, predicting the moves of the next balls to optimize your space and score. Your score will be the expression of your ultimate ingenuity and strategy. Every new score is a milestone, an achievement that you must overcome. Show your talent, fight to the end and become the king of the fruit world of Watermelon Game!

Controls Guide

Players hold down and move the mouse left or right to find the most reasonable release point. Then, you just need to release your hand to let the lovely fruits fall into the box. Pay attention to the rolling nature of these characters for the most effective alignment.

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