Slice it All

Slice it All will challenge your ability to align keystrokes with absolute precision. Enter the lush green world of beautiful grass hills and start your journey of cutting everything possible.

About Slice it All

You will control a sharp knife from the beginning to the end of the level to cut things and avoid obstacles. Don't worry, because this knife can only cut things in the game; there's nothing dangerous! Your task is not to destroy the entire block but to reach the finish line safely. This gameplay is similar to Slice Master game rules. Except for platforms and spikes, you can destroy everything. Besides, you absolutely cannot let your knife fall to the ground or you will lose.

Slice it All has a cool feature that can help you increase your score right at the finish line. That's the multiplier for the different values on the last wall. Whichever mark you stick the knife into will multiply the prize money by that many times. This in-game currency can help players unlock new skins for the main entity. Are you confident in opening all the beautiful knives in this game?

How To Play

First of all, explore the terrain ahead by holding down and moving the mouse around. Next, devise a basic initial strategy to initiate the game. You just need to click on the screen to make the knife fly up, rotate, and move forward. Your main entity can perform a continuous jump maneuver even while in the air.

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