Balloon Slicer

Welcome to the colorful world of Balloon Slicer. Playing this entertaining puzzle game requires quick thinking and accuracy to succeed. 

Gameplay of Balloon Slicer

You will start the game equipped with a sharp saw. It is your task to pop the baldy balloons that are dispersed over several stages. The objective is to burst as many balloons with one saw blade drop as you can. You must plan your movements in order to precisely aim your throw in order to do this. You can find keys that open hidden chests in the game as you progress to higher levels. You can collect a variety of captivating new skins and alluring extra gifts that are waiting for you.


To precisely aim and shoot your saw at the balloons, use your mouse. 

It takes practice, of course, as well as an awareness of angles and timing to become proficient at Balloon Slicer. Aim to complete 50 entertaining levels that guarantee a good amount of entertainment! 

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