Basketball Legends

In Basketball Legends, be ready to step into a world of sports where giant athletes have small bodies and even enormous hands. You have the opportunity to compete against the most well-known basketball players in the world.

About Basketball Legends

Training, fast matches, or tournament mode are your options to begin. Playing against the machine will make matches heated, but if you play with a friend on the same computer, the matches will become magnificent and incredibly exciting. The gameplay is quite easy to understand. With our Basketball Legends game, even someone who has never seen or played basketball can have a lot of fun very quickly. Take in the size of the players and the mayhem as they sprint across the court in an attempt to toss the ball into the hoop!

How to play 2 Player Game Basketball Legends

Player 1: 

  • Use WASD To Move
  • Use B To Shoot / Perform action
  • Use S To Pump / Block
  • Use V To Supershot
  • Use D (twice) To Dash

Player 2:

  • Use Arrow keys To Move
  • Use L To Shoot / Perform action
  • Use the DOWN Arrow To Pump / Block
  • Use K To Supershot
  • Use LEFT Arrow (twice) To Dash

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