Color Page ASMR

With the lighthearted coloring game Color Page ASMR, you may use your devices to complete a ton of amazing pictures.

Completely lovely pictures of toys, fruits, animals, and other things in this ASMR game. There are hundreds of lovely photos just waiting for you! With this vibrant and imaginative game that provides players with infinite enjoyment and relaxation, you can improve your artistic abilities and reduce tension. To create an image that appeals to you, feel free to choose whatever color scheme you like. With a vast image bank that includes toys, fruits, vegetables, scientific marvels, and more, the game is sure to inspire creativity and relaxation in you.

How to play

After the picture is finished, use the black marker to outline the edges. Choose your preferred hues, To create outlines, tap and hold; to color, use swipe-based movements.


To draw the outline, hold down the left mouse button; to color, drag the left mouse button.

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