Cut For Imposter

Cut For Imposter will take you on a journey into outer space with the adorable characters of Among Us. The player's task is to help the little character enjoy delicious candies. You need to get rid of those troublesome wires that are trying to hang the food up beyond the reach of the main entity. In addition, the round sometimes has obstacles that can cause the candy to crumble.

The challenge in Cut For Imposter also adds to the drama of chains. You need a sharp saw blade to be able to break this metal wire. Don't worry; during your round, there will be enough accessibility for you to use. The rounds also offer increasing difficulty so gamers can get used to the more complex designs little by little. This factor helps players practice and improve their strategies. You need to carefully calculate each cut of wire to achieve the highest efficiency. Besides, don't forget to collect sparkling stars to make your achievements more impressive.

How To Play

You just need to hold down and move the mouse horizontally across the wire you want to cut.

If you want to cut multiple wires at the same time, that's fine, as long as you're quick enough. If you need to burst the bubble to free the candy, just click on that entity. Remember to pay attention to the physical impact behind each movement of the candy on the string.

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