Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift

Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift will take you to the land of cozy Christmas festivals. Here, you will meet Om Nom - a lovely little character with a hungry stomach. And what is your goal? Simply take care of and please Om Nom's tummy by cutting off the strings that the candy is hanging on. Each level is a new challenge, requiring you to use your sharpness and sophistication to find a way for the candies to fall into Om Nom's mouth. However, this is not always easy. Every tug and move you make causes unexpected changes in the candy's journey, requiring you to think quickly and flexibly in every situation.

Not only do you have to cut the rope, but you also have to do the quest to find three bonus stars. This requires precision and sharp eyes on your part. Manipulating the candies so that they touch three stars is a way to show off your skills. 

How To Play

Don't be hasty; carefully analyze the design of the round first. Then, you just need to hold down and move the mouse like a line across the desired string. Gamers can only win when Om Nom eats candy and collects at least one star.

This game is a creative and exciting adventure. Players can freely change their strategy until they successfully complete the level and unlock a new round. Prepare yourself and start your journey with Cut the Rope: Holiday Gift now!

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