Flip The Knife 3D

In the brand-new game Flip The Knife 3D, your goal is to toss knives upward so they can flip and land with their tips down. 

Flip The Bottle's straightforward but difficult gameplay has created quite a stir in the online community. You can now play the Flip game version featuring Knife as the primary character. The game mixes a playful setting with a variety of domestic objects, including seats, tables, pots, and pans, as well as a weighing scale.  Don't forget to accrue points and diversify your knife collection to include both common cookware and medieval relics.

How to play Flip The Knife 3D

To flip your knife, use your mouse to swipe up on the screen. Keep in mind that the knife's tip needs to be grounded. As you continue to flip successfully, your score will rise. One of the things stopping you from progressing is an annoying bird. Avoid it and continue on the correct path.

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