Fruits Knife Up

Use your knives to strike every fruit in Fruits Knife Up. Additionally, eliminate every bug before it eats the fruits!

Although it may seem easy, not everyone can pick up chopping skills as quickly as a skilled chef. To prevent breaking the knife's edge, avoid cutting anything other than food by testing your reflexes and dodging obstacles. Until you miss, keep throwing your knife in the direction of the other wall! The moment you miss, the game is ended, and the leaderboards will display your highest score. Gain points to unlock additional blades.


  • Take pleasure in amazing visuals and captivating gameplay.
  • If you want to become a professional cook, chop veggies quickly.
  • Try your reflexes and just chop veggies when cutting.
  • To win and become the champion, get the highest score.

How To Play

Click to chop as fast as a chef in the kitchen.

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