Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja will immerse you for hours in a classic experience that never stops being fun. Grab your powerful ninja sword and cut every dancing fruit in half.

Your goal in this game is to get the highest score possible. Each type of fruit you cut will be equivalent to one point. There is a special object, the red pomegranate, that lasts longer than others. At this point, you need to operate the keys as quickly as possible to increase your score in a short time. At the same time, you need to pay attention to avoid dangerous bombs. They will make your round "explode", and you lose.

During the Fruit Ninja game round, players can also see situations where combos appear. They will appear as three to five fruits at the same time and you need to slash them all to get recognized. Remember that you only have three missed opportunities but can still recover if the subsequent turns go well. The density of the appearance of fruits will gradually increase and the speed will also be higher. Therefore, the more gamers play, the more they need to concentrate to have the most accurate actions.

How To Play

Players just need to use the left-click button to control the ninja's sharp sword. You just need to hold down and move the mouse over the entities that jump up from the bottom of the screen to cut them. To win combo points, you simply need to slide a key through all the fruits at the same time.

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