Slice Rush

Slice Rush is a fun kitchen game where you have to cut time carefully because, if you're not careful, your knife can fly out of control very soon. 

Instead of cooking in this game, you'll demonstrate your slicing prowess. You instantly lose the multiplier if you strike the incorrect surface. Your task is to click the screen to make the knife slice while the vegetables move automatically. Get gems to continue chopping a variety of foods and unlocking new knives. This game appeals to a wide audience because of its vibrant colors and captivating action. You can win this game if you have quick hands and a little creativity. 


How To Play

The food items will get closer to the knife thanks to the chain. All you have to do now is swish the knife down to cut the food as it approaches. These foods will get lost on the conveyor belt if you don't take immediate action. You will not be able to retrieve the food that was taken away at this time.

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