Suika Game

Embark on an enthralling experience by arranging and merging fruits in the deceptively straightforward Suika Game. As you place different fruits into the box, observe the physical laws come into play, causing them to collide, merge, and roll.

Gameplay of Suika Game

Suika Game's principal objective is to combine lesser fruits into larger ones, with the watermelon being the final product to be assembled. You maintain the opportunity to play the game by stopping the fruits from filling the receptacle. Two fruits of the same variety fuse to form a single, more substantial fruit. The procedure of merging is crucial for advancing in the game. Strategically arrange your deliveries to facilitate efficient merges.


Click and release the cursor to designate the proper location for each fruit.

Observe the available space within the enclosure. The game over if the stacked fruits surpass the top boundary.

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