Basket Random

In Basket Random, engage in basketball games with humorous pixelated characters while attempting to score baskets and defeat your rivals. 

Introduce Basket Random

You can score baskets at random in the fantastic basketball game Basket Random. You never know who will be up against you next or where the fight will take place! 

Simple gameplay of a basketball game

Basketball can appear to be a complicated sport with a ton of rules and maneuvers, but this game may have simplified the regulations to the absolute minimum. The gameplay is quite easy to understand. A team of two players makes up each side. Without your intervention, the players will move at random on their own. After you remove the ball from your opponent's grasp, your character will be able to shoot it into the hoop. The objective is to score points by leaping and shooting the ball into the other team's basket. The first team with five points wins.

The randomness creates a pleasant surprise

Your play style becomes more varied and involves some strategy thanks to the physics' randomness. Your players may occasionally shift into different sizes. In one game, they might have larger heads, but in another, they might have longer arms and legs. Random changes occur not just in the character but also in the external objects. Playing with various balls on the beach or in the snow is a possibility. 

2 Player mode available

There is never any boredom in the game because there are four players on the floor—two from each team. If you want to play in two player mode, you can use the same keyboard to play against a friend or against the CPU alone. Win this match by combining well with your pals!

Controls Guides

Single Player Mode

Use the up arrow key to jump

2 Player mode

  • Player 1: Control your characters with the up arrow key. 
  • Player 2: Control your characters with the W key. 

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