Cake Slice Ninja

It's time to have a fun time when you are a Ninja with excellent knife abilities in Cake Slice Ninja! Prepare carefully to test your incredible ninja reflexes as you slice through hundreds of sweet and delectable cakes with your sharp catapult!

Start Slice Cake like a Master in Cake Slice Ninja 

Cake Slice Ninja was developed by Appdz inspired by the renowned arcade game Fruit Ninja. You'll encounter a variety of cakes such as cakes, cookies, cupcakes, chocolate rolls, donuts, and more in Cake Slice Ninja. They come at you from every angle. Your precision and quickness will be put to the test as you deftly swipe through layers of cakes. While cutting the cake, you also need to pay heed to the bombs. Try to carefully avoid obstacles and aim for the ideal slice. Have fun getting your name to the top of the leaderboard!

Cake Slice Ninja features 2 modes: Arcade mode and Classic mode

  • Arcade mode: You are not allowed to slash at bombs in the arcade mode. As a result, you will only cut the cakes that show on the screen. You'll lose right away if you hit the bomb.
  • Classic mode: The classic mode differs in that it has a timer to set a restriction on how long you may spend playing the game. A typical game lasts one minute, but you can extend it by cutting cake bonuses. You will lose half of the time when you hit the bomb.


To slice, use the mouse. 

Take care that your knife does not pass through three of the cakes. as you only have three lives left. Will you have the dexterity to face this hard task? 

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