Cut The Rope: Time Travel

Cut The Rope: Time Travel will take you on an adventure back to the ancient world. Cute Om Nom is trying to chase after his delicious candy. Unfortunately, the dish falls into a mysterious machine in the middle of the room. Om Nom, engrossed in the candy, unintentionally entered a time vortex that transported him to the past. Beautiful ancient lands with magnificent castles, majestic pyramids, even prehistoric animals, and so on.

In Cut The Rope: Time Travel, your mission is to cut the ropes to help the main character enjoy the hanging candy. However, even though the ropes seem simple, they present unexpected challenges. Each level has special elements, such as objects that suddenly appear, making the candy jump or even changing the direction of movement. To overcome this, you need to clearly understand the properties and effects of each object, thereby building flexible and accurate strategies. Unlocking new levels is also not easy when you have to make sure Om Nom eats the candy and collects at least one star. This is a challenge that requires concentration and skill in determining the correct moment to cut the rope.

How To Play

First, determine the wire you want to cut. Then, you just need to hold down and move the mouse in a line across the wire. After cutting each string, pay attention to the candy's inertia. In a situation where a bubble appears around the food, you just need to click on it to explode it.

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