Fruit Slice

Play Fruit Slice and get into a fast-paced game where you challenge yourself to beat your past records and aim for high scores.

About the amazing arcade game Fruit Slice

Fruit Slice is a game that tests your reflexes and hand-eye coordination by having you slice different fruits that appear on the screen. With a knife in hand, cut a variety of fruits to make delectable juices. Fruits are the natural sweets of succulents; they are available in a variety of forms and flavors. To juice all the fruits, simply cut them into slices and let them drop into the juicer located at the bottom of the screen.


How To Play

Clicking the play button on the main menu will launch the game. To ensure that the fruit falls through the gaps and into the juicer, cut it into the appropriate-sized pieces. As you go through the game, each level will need you to chop more fruits.


To play this game, use your mouse.

Give a sequel version of this game - Fruit Slice 2 for more fun! Have a great time!

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