Fruits Slice Challenge

The incredibly addictive game Fruits Slice Challenge was created just for you! Using your reliable blade, you must cut fruits in this really casual game.  

Although it is very different from the well-known game Fruit Ninja, this one has been influenced by it! Feel the rush of setting a new record in both the Arcade and Classic modes. With the use of super fruits like Frenzy bananas (destruction), Motion oranges (slow mode), and Ice apples (freeze), you may score the most by avoiding bombs and slicing big combos. Assist your chef in preparing the most delicious lunch in town! Invest in new and sharper blades to avoid continuously having to resharpen outdated ones!

How To Play

You must cut the fruits as they are thrown into the air to play Fruits Slice Challenge. Using your mouse, you can manipulate the sword to cut the fruits by dragging it across the screen. The fruits will be tossed faster as the game progresses, challenging your accuracy and reflexes.  

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