Run 3

In the fantastic running game Run 3, you take on the role of a small, grey alien with the ability to travel across the cosmos. In an alien environment where the rules of physics don't always apply, be prepared to face all kinds of wacky challenges!  

Introducing the best endless runner game - Run 3

One of the greatest Flash games in our library is Run 3, which you shouldn't pass up. Joseph Cloutier invented this game. In addition, he is the developer of the iconic web games Run and run-2. Released on the website in 2013, it quickly gained popularity after being launched in 2014. For players who enjoy fast-paced gameplay and imaginative characters, this is a fantastic game.

Run 3 offers two distinct game modes to choose from: Infinite mode and explore mode. 

  • Explore mode: This option allows you to explore the galaxy as you go through the levels. To move through the tunnels and find new tunnels with intriguing difficulties, you must finish levels. 
  • Infinite mode: You run for the maximum amount of time. It's your responsibility to make an effort to keep your character on course. They will eventually float into the expanse of space if you do that. The game is over if you fall out of the tube while in Infinite Mode. 

How To Play

  • Use Arrows to move
  • Use Space or Up arrow to jump
  • Use R to reset
  • Use P to pause the game

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