Slash FRVR

An interesting Fruit Ninja-inspired skill game is Slash FRVR. For people seeking an easy-to-learn and exciting game, Slash FRVR is a terrific option with its well-known gameplay. 

You have to slice different sports balls in Slash FRVR! Playing online sports games is your hobby? Are the balls used in sporting events something you know? Sort them and cut them all out, not missing a ball. On occasion, the screen also shows a sweet pink heart. Cutter it to get another life and a much higher high score. It is your moment to play and have fun with this game!

How To Play

To cut anything on the game screen, including any kind of ball you know, swipe on the screen. Obviously, that is, excluding the bombs! Everything will blow up and it will be over if you hit a bomb. Test your reflexes and try to live as long as you can.

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