Slice Cut It

In Slice Cut It, you must constantly chop wood while attempting to figure out the best route to take the ball to the basket at the end of each level.

In order to construct a successful path to the ball in the basket in Slice Cut It, you must cut the wood. You can use all sorts of cuts to help you move the red balls to the green baskets, or you can just let gravity do the work for you. Engage with other balls, use cunning, and attempt to complete each level with the fewest number of cuts required. The game is won when the ball enters the hoop successfully!

How To Play

Cut by swiping or using the mouse. Occasionally, you'll also need to manipulate the wood to provide a push to the ball. The level setup is very complicated beginning with the second level, but it is still relatively straightforward for the first. Wishing you luck!

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