Star Ninja Chop

In the arcade game Star Ninja Chop, your goal is to score as many points as you can by using your mouse to fast chop the star. Display your ninja prowess!

Try Star Ninja Chop to escape the dullness of fruit-slicing games and venture into a galaxy of gorgeous, shimmering stars! The stars are the primary characters in this game. Like other slicing games, it's an easy yet addictive game to play. Slice them as soon as they show up on the screen in order to earn a high score. Keep an eye out for stars. Remember to keep your speed but exercise extreme caution as well. Because the game will finish and everything will explode if you hit the bomb. You have the chance to test your endurance and see how long you can play this game. Now let's give it a try! 

How to play

To cut the stars, use the left mouse button to click the screen and then scroll. 

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