Tennis Masters

You will get the chance to play a competitive 1-on-1 tennis match against the world's best players at Tennis Masters. It's time to demonstrate your incredible abilities! 

About Tennis Masters

Designed by MadPuffers, Tennis Masters is an intensely competitive tennis game. Starting at the beginning, choose your character and degree of difficulty. The 2-player option allows you to play competitive tennis matches against either the computer or your actual pals. Remember to gather all of the humorous transformations and power-ups. You can discover an array of personalities, unique abilities, and humorous metamorphoses in this spectacular game.

How to play

Your goal is to beat your computer-generated opponents on the tennis court while you assume the position of a player. Gain more winning opportunities by gathering power-ups, and shock your rival by changing into something unexpected!


Player 1:

  • Use WASD to move
  • Use X to hit
  • Use Z to smash 

Player 2:

  • Use Arrows to move
  • Use L to hit
  • Use K to smash 

Take the challenge and win a tennis match now! To experience the excitement of tennis matches, let's play Tennis Masters!

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