Cut The Rope

Challenge your brain and skill in an adorable animated world in Cut The Rope.

With unique physics-based gameplay, you will need a lot of time to completely conquer this fascinating game. The rules of the game are extremely simple: do everything to make Om Nom eat the candy and try to collect stars to win. Join the cute character's sweet escape journey and challenge your mastery of tactical abilities.

Be careful with the sharp scissors you use in Cut The Rope. Each cut requires analysis through careful observation of each design in the round. Wrong turns will cause the candy to disappear and you will lose. At the same time, players need to pay attention to the candy when it swings because, according to inertia, the speed of movement will gradually decrease. If you don't quickly find a solution, you may miss a great opportunity to cut the cord. Additionally, players can collect stars during the round by letting the candy touch them. This item will help you increase your score. Furthermore, gamers can replay levels at any time if they want to perfect their conquest.

How To Play

To transport the candy to Om Nom, you need to cut the troublesome strings. Pay attention to other arrangements to determine the most reasonable strategy. Just need to hold down and move the mouse in a horizontal line to cut the wire. You can cut multiple strands at the same time, as long as you are quick enough. If you need to burst the bubble, just click on it.

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