Sushi Roll 3D

Playing as a professional chef, you must perfect this traditional Japanese cuisine in the entertaining sushi rolling game Sushi Roll 3D

With games based on traditional Japanese cuisine, Sushi Roll 3D is yet another fantastic new game that allows you to unwind. In this game, you take control of a busy restaurant full of patrons who are eager to try the specialty cuisine, sushi. Your task is to choose which ingredients to use and which to leave out in order to make the most delicious sushi rolls ever. 

How to play Sushi Roll 3D

If you haven't tried sushi before, you really should learn how to prepare it. One of the fundamental components that keeps the roll together is a sheet of nori, so start with that. Then, to enhance the flavor of sushi, you can add other components like cheese, eggs, or fish slices. Naturally, additional items that have no place in great sushi will show on the ingredients table. To prevent ruining your meal, you must avoid getting hit.

The kitchen must operate at an increasingly rapid pace since the patrons are ravenous. To finish the objective, make an effort to maintain your speed and concentrate.

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