Sushi Slicer

The immensely famous game Fruit Ninja served as the inspiration for the endless slicer game Sushi Slicer. This game likewise tests your dexterity and has similar adorable aspects like knives and bombs.

What is the Sushi Slicer game? 

Is the game of slashing fruits familiar to you? You can chop and slice sushi, maki, and even sake with Sushi Slicer, giving you the opportunity to compete with the world's best ninja head chef! You must make the sushi in this game such that it is attractively and evenly cut. To increase your score by earning combo bonus points, you can also chop numerous components with a single cut and stroke. Do you feel capable of competing in the art of cutting sushi with scacs, the Japanese Ninja Master Chef? In an unending slicer game, show off your cutting prowess. 

How To Play

Players can click and drag their mouse across flying sushi-related things to cut them apart. Remember that slicing bombs should be avoided since they would destroy everything. You also can't let things drop to the ground! The time you have to chop the ingredients is running out, so work quickly and with agility.

Don't forget to get through the other Cutting games. Good luck and have a wonderful time!

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